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Mike Strange from GES clean

ges clean

Telephone: 020 8393 5506

Email: info@gesclean.co.uk


Today we finished our training of Mike Strange from GES clean based in Surrey. He has been running a domestic cleaning business and decided to add oven cleaning to the services offered. They went for the budget tank package and are looking to upgrade to a van mounted tank once the service takes off. Mike is also looking to come back in the coming weeks and undertake our carpet cleaning start up package course. They cover the Epson , Leatherhead and Kingston areas.

mike strange

Some more trainees from the second half of 2014

A few more photos of some of the trainees from the second half of last year:

Adrian Wymer July:

Starting a multi service cleaning business. He went for the gas van mounted tank.

blog adrian wymer july 15

Simon Horsfall: July

Twin element van mounted tank package.

blog simon horsfall 18 july

Adam Parkinson, Northern Ireland. Van mounted oven cleaning package and Storm top of the range carpet cleaning package.

blog adam parkinson 21 aug

Mark James August ( very smart brand new vw transporter.)

This was a challenge as Mark wanted a removable tank compartment so he can get his kite surfing gear in at weekends. We built a self contained compartment fixed down to anchor points in the floor for easy removal. Not had many trainees turn up in £33,000 vans.

blog mark james 28 aug

blog mark james 2 28 aug

Rob Keen November:

Rob is setting up a multi service business and went for the twin element electric package.

blog rob keen 21 nov

Peter Thompson November:

Peter had an existing van for his business and needed the length of his van so installed a stainless steel platform for the tank to sit on which was a first.

blog peter thompson 5 nov




European & international trainees

European & international training second half of 2014

The second half of 2014 saw a larger proportion of trainees coming from Europe and Internationally.


In November we had a trainee fly in from Asia for a full training course to enable him to set up the first oven cleaning business in Asia.

He chose to go with the gas van mounted oven cleaning tank and a years full supply of chemicals and accesories.

We sent everything over to him on a pallet by sea and he took delivery early January after clearing a very fussy customs.

below is a picture of his dog guarding the newly delivered pallet.

blog kevin ho pallet

Bradley robertson Sweden:

In October we trained Bradley Robertson an Australian living in Sweden. He drove over and during his training we installed a twin element electric tank. He went for the electric tank as he wanted a very well insulated tank to help cope with the extreme winter weather conditions.

blog bradley robertson 15 oct

www.diebackofenputzer.de :

Also in October we trained another franchise for Die Backofen in Germany. An existing Berlin based cleaning company has purchased a franchise as a bolt on to the business. We trained a couple of the guys over 3 days and also had a first which was everything being relayed by an enterpreter. They went for the gas tank as the owner lived in a flat with no access to electric hook up for heating.

The tank was installed in a Bippa the smallest van available on the market.

blog lee frost 22 oct

Simon Lee Spain:

In August Simon Lee came over from Spain for a 3 day gas van mounted package.We have now trained quite a few ex pats and helped them to set up new businesses.

blog simon lee 13 aug

Wayne Parkinson France:

Wayne came over from France in October for a full single element electric package and will be picking up supplies from us when he visits the UK as we are literally next to the channel tunnel.

blog wayne parkinson 17 oct


We have now supplied and trained customers from the UK and Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.




Oven cleaning chemical start up package


This package contains all professional chemicals and tools needed to start an oven cleaning business and is the same as is included in our 3 day tank and equipment training packages.


The chemicals are enough for between 70-80 ovens hobs and extractors.

for more info click here

the package includes:- 


4 x 5 litres of bio oven cleaner

1 x 5 litres of large oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of oven cleaning paste

1 x 5kg tub of commercial dip tank powder

1 x 5 litre of glass cleaner

1 x 5 litres of kitchen degreaser

1 x 750ml stainless steel oil

1 x can of silicon spray

10 x green scouring pads

10 x stainless steel scourers

1 x small brush set

10 x 15w oven bulbs

10 x 25w oven bulbs

10 x 40w extractor bulbs

2 x 40w oven bulbs

1 x oven door glass mastic

1 x crimped wire brush

1 x safety glasses

1 x heavy duty scraper

2 x standard scrapers

100 x heavy duty blades

10 x microfibre cloths

5 x extractor filters ( 2 in each pack so 10 filters )

1 x electric hob polish

1 x tank gauntlets

1 x 100 disposable black nitrile gloves

5 x non scratch pads

New Dirtbusters Eco Cleaning Products Site Launched

Dirtbusters eco cleaning products



Dirtbusters have launched a new site for all our eco cleaning products. This site contains all our products in one easy to use site. It includes all our eco friendly motorbike and bike cleaning products along with car cleaning. As well as our original oven cleaning chemicals we have a new carpet cleaning range with extraction carpet cleaners also suitable for domestic vax machines at half the price.

We have also launched a new leather cleaning range including cleaners and conditioners.


Last weeks oven cleaning trainee

Last week we trained David Piercey from Reading.

David went for the 3 day gas van mounted package.

He has spent many years working at Heathrow and has decided to start his own oven cleaning business.

David will be working in Reading and surrounding areas.


RJM oven and carpet cleaning Dartmouth Devon

This week we have been training Robert Maidment from RJM carpet and oven cleaning which will be based in  Dartmouth Devon.

Robert has spent the last 20 years in the forces and is embarking on a new carpet and oven cleaning business venture.

Robert went for the top of the range storm carpet cleaning package and gas van mounted oven cleaning tank 3 day package.

All equipment was fitted into a peugeot expert which is the perfect size if combining two services.

vanmount  IMG_2717‚Äč

Robert will be covering Dartmouth and surrounding areas of Totnes, Dartington, South Brent, Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Paington, Bucksfastleigh.

RJM contact details are tel 07920221596  /  01803 835651

email: robert@rjmovencarpet.co.uk

Good luck on your new venture.


New Bio Oven Cleaner Ready To Use

Dirtbusters have now launched a ready to use version of our professional Bio oven cleaner in handy 750 ml trigger spray bottles.


Delivery of new Rangemaster Elise

Just had a new range delivered and fitted into my new kitchen.

Went for the @agarangemaster Elise 110 dual fuel from#rangemaster . Fantastic bit of kit, i had an Elan in the last house which served us well. Rangemasters have an excellent build quality, are easy to maintain and clean easily.
I also like the look of the new Nexus model which has similar styling to a Mercury. 
We have a 110 gas classic model in our training centre as the Rangemasters are one of the most popular ranges oven cleaners come across on a day to day basis out on the road. Just need to order the griddle plate and get the guys to finish the splash back and the kitchens done.




Dirtbusters supply German oven cleaning franchise www.diebackofenputzer.de

Dirtbusters are the supplier of equipment and chemicals to a new oven cleaning franchise in Germany www.diebackofenputzer.de

Euroclean Deutschland have set up operations in Berlin and will be the sole distributor of our oven cleaning equipment and chemicals.

DieBackofenputzer.de bieten professionelle Backofen- und Grillreinigung bei Ihnen zuhause.