New Manchester Based Oven Cleaning Company

Congratulations to Mark Davenport who has completed a 3-day training course at Dirtbusters!

Mark, owner of Max Oven Clean, chose the 3-day oven training course, our most popular training package. 

When Mark first looked into setting up the business, he came across oven cleaning franchises. It soon became clear, through more research and advice, that setting up on his own would be the better option. 

Choosing to go self-employed will allow Mark to have the flexible work-life balance he was unable to have in his previous career. This will enable him to spend more time with his young son Max, the inspiration for the company name!

The first training day spent at Dirtbusters HQ, consists of a mainly theory-based, technical day with Gavin. Mark found the Dirtbusters training booklet very useful. He was able to read over everything Gavin had taught him back at his hotel, ready for the next two practical days ahead. 

The two training days spent out on the road with Kevin, gave Mark the opportunity to put knowledge into practice. With the support of Kevin, practical training days are a great way to build confidence ready for setting up business. Mark thoroughly enjoyed training at Dirtbusters and he picked it up quickly!

Contact Max Oven Clean

Max Oven Clean will be based in Oldham and North Manchester.

Tel: 07903337778

Oven Cleaning Training
Mark Davenport, owner of Max Oven Clean, at Dirtbusters HQ.

JD Oven Cleaning Services Completes Training Course

JD Oven Cleaning Services Completes Oven Training Course at Dirtbusters 

James Darlington had an early start last Wednesday morning. He travelled down from Somerset at 4am in the morning to get to Dirtbusters HQ to complete a one day oven training course with Gavin. 

The training went very well, and James also decided to purchase a Budget Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

Oven Cleaning Training is a new career path for James. He decided to change his career after years in the finance industry. With his fiancé already working in the cleaning industry, James has taken the opportunity to work alongside the existing cleaning business, which has a customer base of over 200. 

The existing cleaning business has seen high demand for oven cleaning, giving James a great opportunity and head start!

Contact JD Oven Cleaning Services

JD Oven Cleaning Services are based in Taunton and will be covering the whole of Somerset. 075407 98303

Oven training course with JD Oven Cleaning Services.
James Darlington from JD Oven Cleaning Services completes training course at Dirtbusters HQ.

How to Decide on a Business Name & More…

Finding Business Name Inspiration

Bromley-based oven cleaning trainee Christian Toomer completed a two-day budget training package last week, and we spent some time discussing how to choose a business name.

Christian decided to go into the oven cleaning industry after doing much research. It was clear to him that this is an expanding market with plenty of opportunity. The training at Dirtbusters really inspired him, and he is now ready to start business!

At the end of the final training day, we chatted to Christian about company names. Choosing a name can be such a challenge! We believe it should be memorable & original. 

For instance, the name could incorporate a location, a family relatives name, or a pleasant memory. On the other hand, it could be completely unrelated to you, and focus on the service you provide. So long as it is easy to remember, easy to say, and easy to understand. 

Once you have thought of a possible company name, be sure to check Companies House, search the trademark register and Google the name to see what results appear. The last thing you want is to choose a great name and set up business, only to find out someone else is already trading with this name!

If the name is already trademarked, try and come up with something completely different. Alternatively, alter it in such a way as to prevent impingement to search results, and to avoid any issues with the original trademark.

Contact Christian Toomer

Although Christian doesn’t have a company name yet, he is focusing on possible names that are very close to his heart. We love this, and we can’t wait to hear his choice!

It was a pleasure having Christian in for training. He’s a positive, lovely guy and we know he will be a success in the oven cleaning industry.

Getting to know our trainees and offering as much advice as we can, during and after training, is one of our aims. It’s great to have new trainees every week, to hear about their background and what has inspired them.

Contact Christian Toomer on 07823 446800 for any oven cleaning inquiries in the Bromley, Kent and Sussex areas.


Oven Cleaning Trainee at Dirtbusters
Christian Toomer Oven Cleaning Trainee at Dirtbusters HQ.

Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Tank Trailer

Gavin Tennent, owner of Frosty’s Cleaning Services, visited Dirtbusters HQ last week for an Oven Cleaning Tank with a twist!

Gavin attended our two day van-mounted package course, where we were able to customise the Ayrshire-based company’s trailer with an oven cleaning tank. This has enabled Gavin to expand his cleaning company to supply oven cleaning as an additional service.

Frosty’s Cleaning Services already owned fitted vans for the wide range of services they provide. The next best solution to buying more vans, was to invest in an oven mounted trailer as an add on.

Trailers can be fitted with both gas and electric tanks. They are a perfect solution for those of you looking to add onto an existing business and/or avoid the costs of a new van. Contact us at Dirtbusters for more information and to discuss options.

Contact Frosty’s Cleaning Services

Gavin Tennent is available in Ayrshire, Scotland for oven cleaning bookings, give him a call on 01292 521870. Congratulations Frostys Cleaning Services and we wish you the best of luck!

Oven Cleaning Trainee from GES Clean

Mike Strange from GES Clean Visits Dirtbusters HQ. 

Today we finished training oven cleaning trainee Mike Strange from GES Clean. Mike, the owner of the domestic cleaning business, has decided to add oven cleaning to the company’s services.

GES Clean chose the budget tank 2 day start-up package and are looking to upgrade to a van mounted tank once the service takes off.

Mike is also looking to come back to Dirtbusters HQ in the coming weeks and undertake our carpet cleaning start up package course.

All the best Mike, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Contact GES Clean for Oven Cleaning in Surrey

GES Clean cover the Epson , Leatherhead and Kingston areas.

Telephone: 020 8393 5506

Some More Trainees From the Second Half of 2014

A Few More Photos of Some of the Trainees from the Second Half of Last Year

It was great to see a range of enthusiastic oven cleaning trainees last year here at Dirtbusters HQ. Some of them with their very own customised oven cleaning tank fittings!

Adrian Wymer, July:

Adrian is starting a multi service cleaning business. He went for the gas van mounted tank.

blog adrian wymer july 15

Simon Horsfall, July:

Twin element van mounted tank package.

blog simon horsfall 18 july

Adam Parkinson, Northern Ireland:

Van mounted oven cleaning package and Storm top of the range carpet cleaning package.

blog adam parkinson 21 aug

Mark James, August: 

blog mark james 28 aug

This was a challenge as Mark wanted a removable tank compartment so he can get his kite surfing gear in at weekends. We built a self contained compartment fixed down to anchor points in the floor for easy removal.
Check out the VW Transporter van!

blog mark james 2 28 aug

Rob Keen, November:

Rob is setting up a multi-service business. He chose the twin element electric package.

blog rob keen 21 nov

Peter Thompson: November

Peter had a custom tank fitting. He already had a van for his existing business, so we fitted a stainless steel platform for the tank to sit on. 


blog peter thompson 5 nov

European & International Trainees

Dirtbusters Trainees From Overseas!
The second half of 2014 saw a large proportion of European & International trainees. It’s great that the message about our oven cleaning training is reaching beyond our home country!
Kevin Ho – Malaysia

In November, Kevin Ho flew all the way from Malaysia for one of our Oven Cleaning Training courses to kick start the first oven cleaning business in Malaysia!

Kevin chose the Gas Van Mounted Oven Cleaning Tank along with a years full supply of chemicals and accessories.

We shipped everything to Kevin by sea from Dirtbusters HQ. Kevin has received his chemicals and accessories and is now ready to start trading as Oven Clean Malaysia PLT.

Below is a picture of Kevin’s dog guarding the newly delivered pallet!

blog kevin ho pallet

Bradley Robertson – Sweden

In October, we trained Australian born Bradley Robertson who came over from Sweden. We installed a Twin Element Electric Tank for Bradley. The electric tank is a very well insulated, which will help to cope with the extreme winter weather conditions in Sweden.

blog bradley robertson 15 oct

Die Backofen – Germany

The German Oven Cleaning franchise, Die Backofen came for one of our 3-day training courses in October.

A translator was on hand to translate throughout the training process! They chose the Gas Oven Cleaning Tank, installed in their Bippa van.

blog lee frost 22 oct

Simon Lee – Spain

Dirtbusters saw trainee Simon Lee from Spain for a 3 day Gas Van Mounted Package in August.

blog simon lee 13 aug

Wayne Parkinson – France

Wayne travelled from France in October for a Full Electric Single Element Package.

Wayne will be visiting Dirtbusters HQ to personally collect his Professional Cleaning supplies as we are right next to the Channel Tunnel and Dover port!

blog wayne parkinson 17 oct

We are very proud here at Dirtbusters to have supplied and trained customers from the UK and Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Just to name a few!!

Oven cleaning chemical start up package


This package contains all professional chemicals and tools needed to start an oven cleaning business and is the same as is included in our 3 day tank and equipment training packages.

The chemicals are enough for between 70-80 ovens hobs and extractors.

For more info click here.

The package includes:

4 x 5 litres of bio oven cleaner

1 x 5 litres of large oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of oven cleaning paste

1 x 5kg tub of commercial dip tank powder

1 x 5 litre of glass cleaner

1 x 5 litres of kitchen degreaser

1 x 750ml stainless steel oil

1 x can of silicon spray

10 x green scouring pads

10 x stainless steel scourers

1 x small brush set

10 x 15w oven bulbs

10 x 25w oven bulbs

10 x 40w extractor bulbs

2 x 40w oven bulbs

1 x oven door glass mastic

1 x crimped wire brush

1 x safety glasses

1 x heavy duty scraper

2 x standard scrapers

100 x heavy duty blades

10 x microfibre cloths

5 x extractor filters ( 2 in each pack so 10 filters )

1 x electric hob polish

1 x tank gauntlets

1 x 100 disposable black nitrile gloves

5 x non scratch pads