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Finding Business Name Inspiration

Bromley-based oven cleaning trainee Christian Toomer completed a two-day budget training package last week, and we spent some time discussing how to choose a business name.

Christian decided to go into the oven cleaning industry after doing much research. It was clear to him that this is an expanding market with plenty of opportunity. The training at Dirtbusters really inspired him, and he is now ready to start business!

At the end of the final training day, we chatted to Christian about company names. Choosing a name can be such a challenge! We believe it should be memorable & original. 

For instance, the name could incorporate a location, a family relatives name, or a pleasant memory. On the other hand, it could be completely unrelated to you, and focus on the service you provide. So long as it is easy to remember, easy to say, and easy to understand. 

Once you have thought of a possible company name, be sure to check Companies House, search the trademark register and Google the name to see what results appear. The last thing you want is to choose a great name and set up business, only to find out someone else is already trading with this name!

If the name is already trademarked, try and come up with something completely different. Alternatively, alter it in such a way as to prevent impingement to search results, and to avoid any issues with the original trademark.

Contact Christian Toomer

Although Christian doesn’t have a company name yet, he is focusing on possible names that are very close to his heart. We love this, and we can’t wait to hear his choice!

It was a pleasure having Christian in for training. He’s a positive, lovely guy and we know he will be a success in the oven cleaning industry.

Getting to know our trainees and offering as much advice as we can, during and after training, is one of our aims. It’s great to have new trainees every week, to hear about their background and what has inspired them.

Contact Christian Toomer on 07823 446800 for any oven cleaning inquiries in the Bromley, Kent and Sussex areas.


Oven Cleaning Trainee at Dirtbusters
Christian Toomer Oven Cleaning Trainee at Dirtbusters HQ.

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