Dirtbusters Environmentally Friendly Changes & Future Plans

Dirtbusters has recently moved location to a farm in the countryside of Kent. We’re so excited to share with you the environmentally friendly changes it brings, as well as our future plans.

This week is our first working week in our new premises. We’ve moved to a farm in Whitfield, Kent and there’s so many amazing benefits of doing so. Moving to our own self-sufficient site has given us the opportunity to make more environmentally friendly changes. From increasing the amount of renewable energy used, to decreasing deliveries in order to reduce emissions, we’re so excited and proud to tell you about the changes we have made. 

In this blog article you will find our recent changes as well as our future plans to reduce our environmental impact.

Solar Panels on Dirtbusters SiteSolar Power

Our site is completely solar powered. Solar panels cover the main warehouse roof, providing electricity for all buildings on site.

By using renewable energy to generate electricity, less fossil fuels are consumed. We produce so much energy from the solar panels that the excess is contributed back to the grid. 


In the office, our main source of heating is a wood-burning stove. Not only is this going to be so cosy and warm in the winter, but it’s carbon neutral and consumes less energy. Reconditioned radiators adapted for electric, have been installed in the office, but these will only be used in the depths of winter to take the chill off.

We have a big supply of wood on the farm, especially since we have been renovating the place. We are therefore only using off-cuts and fallen wood from the land to fuel the fire.

In the warehouse we have installed low-power infrared heaters. These consume a lot less energy as they require less power to produce the same amount of heat as conventional heaters.


Low-power LED lights have been installed in the warehouse. The warehouse is a big space, which requires a lot of lighting and warmth for employees. So we have chosen heating & lighting options that require less energy.Dirtbusters Warehouse

Recycled Kitchen

The staff room has a lovely new kitchen made from recycled wood and coated in recycled PET bottles. We’re loving the new sustainable KUNSBACKA design from IKEA. Check out the video here.

Emissions from Deliveries

We sell our cleaning products on Amazon & Ebay as well as our website. Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning products are made in a factory in the UK and then delivered to us on site. We then package these products and send them straight to our customers, or to Amazon via couriers.

To reduce the amount of deliveries in the supply chain, we have stopped some products coming to us before going to Amazon. They now go straight to Amazon from the factory. This has taken out a link in the supply chain.

SAS 250 Club

Last month we joined the SAS 250 Club, which is the charity Surfers Against Sewage’s (SAS) business membership scheme. Through this club, we donate to support SAS’ amazing work in protecting marine life against plastic waste and other pollutants. SAS also works to educate schools in single-use plastics and how they can reduce the amount of waste in their every day lives. We are passionate about the sea. As a family we have always lived very close by, so we think this is amazing. Moreover, the amount of plastic waste and the damage it is doing, is devastating.

Monthly Beach Cleans

Joining the SAS 250 club and organising monthly beach cleans in our local area is a great way for us to have an impact and influence on the plastic-free movement. As a company we are doing more to reduce our impact on the environment, including getting the community together to help to maintain our beaches and raise awareness of the impact marine litter can have on the world.

If you are in the local area of Folkestone, watch out for our beach clean events on Facebook and come and join in!

For the Future

Our aim for 2018 & beyond is to implement changes to further reduce our environmental impact. We have made significant changes whilst also moving location, but we know that there’s even more we can do, so the adaptions & changesDirtbusters Office on the Farm will not stop here.

Some of the things we are looking into are:

  • Changing our plastic tape, used in sealing our packages, to water-activated gum tape
  • Purchasing a cardboard shredder to recycle cardboard boxes into shredding to protect our products sent out to customers.
  • We are researching plastic bottle alternatives. It has always been our aim to keep the price of our cleaning products as low as possible for our customers. The current plastic bottles that we use help to keep this price low, but we are looking into how we can introduce recycled plastic bottles into our product range.


Dirtbusters oven cleaning training centre is now in our main warehouse on the farm. We have the same facilities as on our previous site, but with a lot more space away from the office. We look forward to having our first trainee on the farm!

Our Move

Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning Products are environmentally aware solutions whilst achieving professional cleaning results. Our key values are family, passions and the environment and we always keep these in mind in everything we do.

Our move to the farm in Whitfield, Kent, not only has brought with it environmentally friendly changes, but a beautiful location. We’re not far from the sea, but we’re also in the middle of the countryside. Otis, Dirtbusters’ family dog, loves the new work place and has made himself at home! It’s the perfect setting for our family business. 

Dirtbusters Family dog OtisDirtbusters at St Margaret's Farm