Trainee Experience of Becoming a Professional Oven Cleaner

At Dirtbusters, we have trained over 700 people to professionally clean ovens & carpets from all over the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

No matter the background and experience of each of our trainees, we offer business advice during the training process, as well as support and guidance after training.  We know that finishing training and setting up business on your own can be daunting, but also very rewarding.

We caught up with one of our oven cleaning trainees, Joseph Timney owner of SOclean, to find out about his experience of becoming a professional oven cleaner since training at Dirtbusters in 2016.

Joseph Timney 1 Year On

Joseph came to Dirtbusters’ training centre in October 2016 to complete a three-day gas van-mounted training course. It took Joseph 6 hours to get to Dirtbusters HQ, “but it was worth every penny”.

Joseph enjoyed his training at Dirtbusters and has found Gavin’s advice brilliant both during and after training. He said, “Gavin has been a rock and has been at the end of the phone when I have needed him for advice on the technical aspects of cleaning different ovens, pricing, and general guidance.”

The Benefits

The best thing about becoming a self-employed oven cleaner for Joseph has been the amount of flexibility that the job allows, whilst still earning a decent wage. When catching up with Joseph on the phone for this blog post, he was picking his two children up from school – something he rarely managed to do before, which he loves and really appreciates now he can.


The biggest challenge Joseph has had to face is marketing his business. Prior to setting up his oven cleaning company, Joseph had never had any experience in marketing and for him, this was the most daunting part of becoming self-employed.

Joseph paid for paper advertising in local newspapers and parish magazines, handed out business cards, loyalty cards and made a Facebook business page. But the marketing method he has felt has made the most impact is joining his local BNI group.

BNI Group

BNI is a business networking referral organisation helping businesses work together to recommend one another in the local community. Around 70% of new business comes from referrals, and Joseph has found joining the BNI very successful and an enjoyable way of meeting new business owners in his local community.

During his time at the BNI group, Joseph has met individuals in many different careers. Some of which have been able to hand out his business cards and set him up with new clients – some long-term, big contracts that he might not have had the opportunity to do had he not joined the BNI.

He has also been able to build relationships with other businessmen, such as Richard Cox owner of Langley Business Systems, who have been able to offer business advice and guidance.

Joseph would highly recommend the BNI networking group to other oven cleaners or anyone who might want to grow their business through recommendations.

Overall, Joseph has found the marketing process to be trial and error. He’s learnt so much along the way and is now enjoying this part of being self-employed. Joseph is in a great position and very happy that he made the decision to make the jump to setting up an independent oven cleaning business.

So Clean

Joseph’s company So Clean offer oven, carpet and upholstery cleaning services and are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Contact Joseph on 07397864960 for bookings in the local area.


If you’re interested in oven cleaning training at Dirtbusters call us on 01303 298215.