Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Tank Trailer

Gavin Tennent, owner of Frosty’s Cleaning Services, visited Dirtbusters HQ last week for an Oven Cleaning Tank with a twist!

Gavin attended our two day van-mounted package course, where we were able to customise the Ayrshire-based company’s trailer with an oven cleaning tank. This has enabled Gavin to expand his cleaning company to supply oven cleaning as an additional service.

Frosty’s Cleaning Services already owned fitted vans for the wide range of services they provide. The next best solution to buying more vans, was to invest in an oven mounted trailer as an add on.

Trailers can be fitted with both gas and electric tanks. They are a perfect solution for those of you looking to add onto an existing business and/or avoid the costs of a new van. Contact us at Dirtbusters for more information and to discuss options.

Contact Frosty’s Cleaning Services

Gavin Tennent is available in Ayrshire, Scotland for oven cleaning bookings, give him a call on 01292 521870. Congratulations Frostys Cleaning Services and we wish you the best of luck!

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