How’s Your Work-Life Balance?

After 9 years of full-time primary school teaching, Deryk Harrison from Halifax, decided to become a supply teacher to realign his work-life balance. 2 years on and Deryk has just completed a three-day gas van mounted oven training course here at Dirtbusters HQ.


Last week Deryk completed oven cleaning training. His plan is to work as both a supply teacher and a self-employed oven cleaner, in his local area of Kirklees and Calderdale in Halifax, until the oven cleaning business is fully up and running.

The motivation for setting up an oven cleaning business began after seeing an oven cleaner in action at his mother’s house. He liked the idea of the flexibility of the job and thought it would be an exciting new venture for him.

After much research and thinking, Deryk applied for a government loan to get the training and equipment needed to start his new business. In addition, before attending the training course Deryk chose a company name (Spotless Ovens), created a business website ( and started marketing.  One method of marketing that Deryk has invested in is a 12-month advertising feature in several trade magazines in his local area.

Once Spotless Ovens has picked up business, Deryk will still be able to write a children’s book that he has always dreamed of and maintain his presence in the teaching industry should he wish to.

This just goes to show how flexible being a self-employed oven cleaner can be and how Deryk has been able to re-establish his work/life balance with a change in career.

Good luck Deryk with the oven cleaning and we look forward to seeing your name on a children’s book one day too!

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Oven Training at Dirtbusters

After our trainees have completed their oven cleaning training at our training centre, we stay in contact and offer as much advise as we can. When you invest in an oven training package you’re not just investing in the equipment and time in our training centre with the professionals, but you’re also investing in a relationship with our team who are always here to help.

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