Boosts your Airflex Pro machine with up to 160CFM additional airflow

Airflex booster POD contains 1 x high performance Lamb Ametek 6.6 motor and works with all Airflex 55L extractors.

Simply plug in to the purpose made Booster port on the back of your Airflex Pro machine and boost your vacuum performance by up to 160CFM.

  • Boosts vacuum performance by up to 160CFM
  • Upgrades your Airflex Pro extractor to similar vacuum performance to an Airflex Storm
  • Also serves as a back-up vacuum system
  • Adds a 6.6 vacuum motor in parallel

Unlike other vac boosters, the Airflex extractor was designed from scratch to accept the Airflex booster POD. The blue port on the rear of the Airflex extractor leads directly to the same vacuum chamber as the vac motors inside your Airflex machine. This means you add a third vac in parallel, giving you a true high airflow extractor (rather than just attaching to the exhaust of one of the existing vac motors).

If you have an Airflex Pro and Vac Booster POD, you can either run your Airflex Pro machine on one power cord, or plug in the Airflex Booster POD (two power cords in total) when you want the extra vacuum power.

More vacuum means:

  • Faster wands passes
  • Better soil extraction
  • Faster drying times
  • Much better performance on longer hose run

Can also attach to extractors with suitable exhaust outlets.