A Day On The Road Oven Cleaning

A Day On The Road Oven Cleaning

Charlie my star oven cleaner from my cleaning business Dirtbusters Kent phoned in sick yesterday morning and I had to go out on the road to cover his jobs. Fortunatly I had kept the week free from training as we are snowed under with trainees and tank fitting from next week all the way through November and needed to get tanks ready and generally catch up on things.

Its been a while since I have hit the road oven cleaning. I have been out recently covering a couple of days carpet cleaning but it was good to get out and clean a few ovens. I enjoyed the day just concentrating on doing the job with no phone calls or emails to deal with.

I was looking to get stuck into my first job which was a double oven  but quite frankly I don't know what I was doing there.

The oven was in a very clean condition and just went through the motions. The frustrating thing is that is was a Beko oven with slide off doors and in their widom have completly bonded the door together leaving a one inch gap where of course all the crumbs and fluff end up.

There is a front glass sheet, then they have bonded metal struts to the glass and finally bonded another glass sheet on the struts. There is a vent held in by two screws which has holes in so everything ends up inbetween the glass.

The only thing you can do is wrap a cloth around something flat and long enough to get inbetween the glass.

The second job was a Belling range which was a bit more like it.

The ovens were not too bad but all the work was in the hob top. I stripped down the cast iron pan supports and rings and disks and these went into the tank with the racks and back plate. The Commercial Dip Tank Powder and Bio Booster did its job along with the Bio oven cleaner and the pan supports only needed a bit of finishing off when they came out. The racks just needed a quick wipe and a rinse off.




I was very pleased with the results as was the customer and it only took 2 hours. The right hand oven was causing a problem with smoking every time the customer used it but after cleaning the backplate and fan it was cured.

The pan supports were oiled with our stainless steel oil along with all the paintwork and looked pretty much perfect.

The last job was a standard single hob and extractor for one of the letting agents which was in an average condition .

All in all it was an enjoyable day but I am now back in the office getting things ready for monday.


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