Where Did You Get Your Inspiration?

We always love hearing about what has inspired our trainees to go into the oven cleaning industry.

Last week, our trainee, Cassidy Marley from Canterbury, might have given us one of our favourite sources of inspiration yet.

Cass found out about oven cleaning when watching First Dates on Channel 4! Yes, that’s right. You never know when you’re going to be struck by an interesting business idea.

It so happened that one of the contestants was an oven cleaner. This sparked the idea for Cass to go into the industry and from here he began researching.

First it was important to check the amount of competition in the area. Cass found that there was a great opportunity to start up his business in his home town. This led him to training at Dirtbusters.

Training at Dirtbusters was enjoyable for Cass. He ended up doing the practical training before the theory-based day with Gavin in the office. This suited him as he could get stuck in straight away, cleaning ovens such as a Range and a standard oven on his first day.

Cass is setting up his oven cleaning business – OvenGuys – in the Canterbury area of Kent. He purchased the Van-Mounted Gas training package and is ready to start working very soon.

Good luck Cass!


Van-mounted gas tank
Cassidy Marley with his Van-Mounted Gas Tank.

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